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Eco Friendly Scattering Tubes By Victoriaville

Available in multiple themes. Made from biodegradable and recyclable material designed and engineered to simplify the scattering process or can be used for burial. 

Measures 5" dia X 12 9/16" h

*Keepsakes available

Product code varies

Price: $295.00

Grey Wood Veneer Urn by Victoriaville


Measures 8 3/4" w X 6 " d X 5"h

Price: $315.00

Select Standard by Victoriaville


Sheet Brass.

Measures 5" w X 67/16" d X 8 7/16 " h

Price: $371.00

Basic Bamboo Urn by Eckels


9 3/8" w X 5.25"d X 6.5" h

Price: $391.00

Eternity Marble

Tubman Collection - CH01 Marble Urn

Measures 7-5/8 " dia X 10" h

*Also available in grey. 

Price: $395.00

Ribbons Blue by Eckels


Composite Urn.

Measures 7-1/2" dia X 9-1/4 " h

*Keepsakes available.  Also available in purple. 

Price: $465.00

Blue Berkeley by Eckels


Crafted from brass. Measures 6.75"dia x 9.9"h

*Keepsakes available.  Also available in Brown. 

Price: $485.00

Warwick Mahogany by Eckels


Crafted from mahogany.

Measures 9.75"w x 6.5"d x 5.4"h

Price: $495.00

Aspen Pine by Eckels


Crafted from pine. Measures 11.4"w x 6.9"d x 6.25"h

Price: $495.00

Mother of Pearl by Victoriaville


Crafted from Brass. Measures 7"dia x 9"h

*Keepsakes available.

Price: $575.00

Midnight Iris by Victoriaville


Crafted from brass. Measures 6.875"dia x 10.375"h

*Keepsakes available.  Also available in Crimson Red or Pearl White.

Price: $575.00

Pewter Antique by Victoriaville


Crafted from brass. Measures 6.875"dia x 10.375"h

*Keepsakes available.

Price: $595.00

Sherwood by Victoriaville


Crafted from solid Poplar. 7 3/4"W/L X 7 3/4 " D / P X 8 3/8 " H

Price: $595.00

Golf by Victoriaville


Crafted from brass. Measures 6.875"dia x 10.375"h

Price: $615.00

Roots by Victoriaville


Coffee ground and clay urn for planting a tree. Measures 8.5"dia x 13.5"h.

Seeds provided: Scots Pine, Northern Catalpa, Black Locust

Price: $645.00

Holton Distressed Memento Chest by Batesville


Crafted in distressed reclaimed hardwoods. Measures 6” h x 11” l x 8” w

Price: $659.00

Fairmont Cherry by Eckels


Crafted from cherry. Measures 11.9"w x 7.4"d x 6.25"h

Price: $695.00

Embassy Oak by Eckels


Crafted from oak. Measures 12"w x 7.75"d x 6.4"h

Price: $695.00

Blue Butterfly Cloisonné by Batesville


Handcrafted in copper with hand-applied enamel finish. Assorted colours and styles available.

Price: $700.00

Gas Tank by Victoriaville


Measures 11.875"w x 7.75"d x 8"h

Price: $765.00

Vesta by Victoriaville


Solid Cherry, measures 10 1/2" X W / L X 8 1/2 " D / P X 6 1/2 " H

Price: $780.00

Pewter Bronze Horizontal Urn by Batesville

#235557 with appliqué

Constructed of 64oz sheet bronze. Pewter colour painted finish. Horizontal 6” h x 6 ¾” d x 9” w. Vertical 9” h x 8 ¼” d x 4 ½” 

Price: $925.00

Bradbury by Batesville


Crafted in pecan with light pecan finish. Measures 8 ½” h x 10 ¾” l x 11 ½” w

Price: $955.00

Laprescia by Victoriaville


Granite Urn.  Measures 5 3/4"w X 5 3/4"d X 10" h

Price: $950.00

Mason Cherry by Batesville


Handcrafted in cherry wood with a Victorian cherry stain. Measures 8 ½” h x 9 ¾” l x 11 ¾” w 

Price: $1,030.00

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