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Making arrangements for your own funeral is emotionally challenging. However, it will give you and your family great peace of mind to know that it has all been taken care of in advance. You will be relieving your family and friends of the burden of making arrangements during their time of grief. In fact, you will be giving them the gift of healing by allowing them to focus on what is most important to them—the loss of you. Planning your own funeral is a powerful way to care for the people who love you.

Contact our pre-arrangement specialist today to learn more about pre-arranging your funeral or even just to talk to us about what you need to consider.



Things To Consider

At Tubman we believe that connecting with people to support you in your grief should be your family’s priority, not focusing on details. Taking care of your own funeral arrangements is a powerful and loving way to care for your family and friends after you are gone. Having the opportunity to speak with one of our grief experts will also help you make decisions that enable your family in their grief journey to make it a healing experience for them. Whether you choose to prepay or not isn’t important. What is important is that you document your intimate funeral instructions with our funeral directors. These instructions should include such things as:

  • Whether you’d prefer a burial or cremation
  • How will family and friends be received for the visitation
  • The choice of caskets, urns, outer receptacles
  • Choice of keepsakes and memorial tributes
  • The nature of your funeral service
  • Interment, inurnment and permanent memorialization
  • The reception after the funeral
  • How would you like your family and friends to be informed

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