Post Service Care

Once the funeral is over, Tubman will still be there to support and help you

A funeral is a critical time for the grief process of friends and family, as it is an important opportunity to say goodbye. After many years of bearing witness to many families’ grief journeys, we understand each individual mourns in their own way. We also understand how important it is to experience your personal grief unencumbered by the expectations of others. People’s journeys take different paths and different lengths of time. There are many different factors that affect one’s grieving and for each of us it is a journey we must take on our own but we do not need to be alone in it. At Tubman we not only help you in the beginning of your journey, counseling and developing with you a meaningful funeral service, we also have many resources to support you after the service. Please allow us to help you in your grief and give you the support and guidance you may need to heal.

Jana Coes Kehoe

“When a family is dealing with the loss of a loved one, I help to lessen the burden and restore a sense of order.”

In home visit
90 minutes at $195.00 + HST

Fees do not include disbursements or additional services

When should I meet with a Post Service Care administrator
When requested, we will contact you in the days following the funeral service to arrange a meeting.

Is it necessary to address these issues so soon after the funeral?
Yes, many of them could impact your financial well-being. There are over 50 potential items that could need attention. Addressing these items will give you peace of mind knowing they are done.

Where will I meet with the Post Service Care administrator? Do I have to come back to the funeral home?
No. We will meet with you in your home where you will have easy access to the documents needed.

What can the Post Service Care administrator help me with?
We will help you with such items as:

  • Credit Bureau
  • Utilities
  • Health Card
  • Pensions
  • Driver’s License
  • Passports
  • CPP death & survivor benefits

What does a Tubman Post Service Care administrator do?
Jana will spend ninety minutes with you, in your home, providing hands on assistance. We don’t just talk about what needs to be done, we actually do it! We make phone calls, complete necessary paperwork, and help you get back on track.

"After my wife's passing I worried that I'd find the dozens of forms requiring completion to be daunting. I even joked with friends and family that it would take months to deal with all that red tape.

After her service was completed I was contacted to make an appointment at my convenience in our home for Post Service Care. When I inquired as to what the service was, I was told trained staff would help me complete all of the required government forms, deal with credit cards, transfer accumulated points to my name and give me a list of a few simple tasks that I'd need to deal with myself.

It took only 90 minutes to accomplish everything needed and I felt a significant relief, knowing that the series of tasks I was dreading most was out of the way.

I have told a number of people about Tubman's Post Service Care only to have them confirm that they wished their chosen funeral home had offered a similar service - but no one does in Ottawa.

Thank you for the unexpected care."

Dave Haney Certified Financial Planner, Vice-President, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Ottawa