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Making arrangements for your own funeral is emotionally challenging. However, it will give you and your family great peace of mind to know that it has all been taken care of in advance. You will be relieving your family and friends of the burden of making arrangements during their time of grief. In fact, you will be giving them the gift of healing by allowing them to focus on what is most important to them—the loss of you. Planning your own funeral is a powerful way to care for the people who love you.

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Things to consider

Why should I pre-arrange my funeral?

At Tubman we believe that connecting with people to support you in your grief should be your family’s priority, not focusing on details. Taking care of your own funeral arrangements is a powerful and loving way to care for your family and friends after you are gone. Having the opportunity to speak with one of our grief experts will also help you make decisions that enable your family in their grief journey to make it a healing experience for them. Whether you choose to prepay or not isn’t important. What is important is that you document your intimate funeral instructions with our funeral directors. These instructions should include such things as:

  • Whether you’d prefer a burial or cremation
  • How you choose to receive your friends for the visitation
  • The choice of caskets, urns, outer receptacles
  • Choice of keepsakes and memorial tributes
  • The nature of your funeral service
  • Interment, inurnment and permanent memorialization
  • The reception after the funeral
  • How you will inform family and friends

What’s involved in pre-arranging a funeral?

Pre-arranging your funeral is very simple. Here are some things that you’ll be asked when you begin the process of pre-arranging. Vital Statistics (so the Ontario Government can register the death):

  • Name and address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Social Insurance Number
  • The full name of partner
  • Occupation most recently performed
  • Parent’s name (including mother’s maiden name) and places of birth
  • Name and address of executor

Funeral Service Selection Categories: Services of Funeral Professionals

  • The ceremony and how you would like it personalized
  • Embalming and other preparations
  • Facilities for visitation and receptions
  • Transportation services

Funeral Merchandise

  • A full range of caskets including cremation rental caskets
  • Cremation Urns
  • Outer burial containers
  • Stationery


  • Burial and/or cremation fee
  • Clergy honorarium
  • Newspaper print fee
  • Coroner’s fee
  • Catering for reception
  • Flowers
  • Various taxes

Pre-arranging your funeral is an important step to take, but not one that requires a lot of time and paperwork. By simply giving us your vital statistics and funeral preferences, you can lift the burden from your family and ensure that your funeral reflects your vision.

How does a pre-arranged funeral act as a financial investment?

The first thing that should be said about this subject is that the Ontario government strictly regulates prepaid funeral contracts. The first thing that we do when you meet with us to plan your funeral is we figure out exactly the type of funeral you want and cost it out at that day’s price. You can either make a full payment right then or you can enter into a time payment arrangement that, depending upon your age, can be up to fifteen years long. A common misconception is that the funeral home now has your money. This is untrue. The funeral home places your money in a government-sanctioned investment on your behalf. It is always your money until the day you die. You will even write your cheque directly to this investment company. Your money is absolutely safe no matter what. Your money grows with tax-free interest over time until the day you die. At this point the money (principle and interest) becomes the funeral home’s. We take this money and cost the funeral as of the date of death. If the amount of money we received is more than the funeral costs on that date then we refund the difference. If there is a deficit at the date of death then the funeral home takes the loss on the funeral. We will never ask your family for any more money for the funeral home charges contracted. Did You Know…Your money earns tax-free interest over the life of the contract. Even in death the interest that goes toward the cost of the funeral is TAX FREE. Your money does not flow through your estate at death, potentially saving your estate up to 2.5% in probate fees. Your money is guaranteed safe and is backed by the federal and provincial governments. Years ago people did not realize that they had the option of pre-paying for their funeral. Now, the public perception is on the other end of the spectrum. Most people think that they have to prepay for their funeral. Of course, this isn’t the case. If you choose not to pre-pay then we still go over all of your options and document them for when they’re needed. Payment will occur at the time of death and for the cost at the time of death. Usually your family will be asked to provide a deposit at the time of the arrangements with payment in full within 30 days unless a special arrangement is made.

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