12 Ways to Honour Your Loved One Over the Holidays

Concerned about plans for this holiday season? Looking to skip Christmas altogether? Find yourself wishing your loved one was still here to celebrate just one more time?

Regardless of our beliefs or the traditions we practice, this time of year promotes togetherness and celebration. The holidays can sometimes present a difficult time for bereaved families as it can spark reminders of loss and feelings of sadness.

It may be the first holiday dinner without Mom preparing her legendary recipes, or it may be the first year Dad’s blasphemies won’t be heard while attempting to install Christmas lights from the eavestroughing.
It may be a time of year where the holiday season can’t pass quickly enough, or one that you will cherish every moment by recreating everything ‘just like Grandma would want it’.

The team at Tubman would like to lend our support by sharing the ways we honour our loved ones during the holiday season. Sometimes the smallest gestures can bring the greatest comfort.

Here are some ideas to honour your late lost one this holiday season:

  • Personalize a Christmas tree ornament in memory of your loved one
  • Set a place at the table and share memories about that person. It may spark some tears, but hopefully it will bring about laughter and joy as well
  • Listen to their favourite music
  • Prepare their favourite meal
  • Have a florist prepare an arrangement with their favourite flowers and display them with your loved one’s photo
  • Light a candle in their honour
  • Hang a stocking and fill it with notes about your love, time together and what you may miss the most
  • Buy them a present they would have enjoyed
  • Deviating from tradition may help as well. Perhaps take a trip or do something your loved one would have enjoyed but did not have the opportunity to do prior to their passing
  • Donate some of their belongings to a family in need
  • Volunteer your time to work with those less fortunate
  • Involve children in celebrating the life of your loved one