Cremation & Niches

Every part of the funeral process is very personal. While some prefer for their bodies to be buried, others choose cremation. No matter what a family chooses, all families receive the same respect and professionalism. At Tubman we not only help you in the beginning of your journey, counselling and developing with you a meaningful funeral service, we also have many resources to support you after the service . Please allow us to help you in your grief and give you the support and guidance you may need to heal. One of the resources that helps us support you is our own crematorium. This means that we can care for your loved one through the entire funeral process. We are able to perform cremations 7 days a week if necessary to meet your needs. In everything we do, we believe it’s important to create a service that reflects the life of the one you’ve lost. In addition to a customized funeral service there are many ways to create a personal cremation experience, including your choice of casket or cremation container, urns and commemorative jewelry and keepsakes. No matter what kind of funeral you’re planning, we can help you create an experience that will be just as unique as your loved one.

Cremation and What’s Involved

Cremation is an option that’s becoming increasingly popular. Some choose cremation because of its lower cost, some for religious reasons, and others because of environmental concerns. While it is becoming more popular, many people still do not know a lot about the cremation process.

Are funeral arrangements different with a cremation?

That is entirely up to you. One of the advantages of cremation is that it provides you with increased flexibility when you make your funeral and cemetery arrangements. You can choose to have a funeral service before the cremation; a memorial service at the time of cremation or after the cremation with the urn present; or a committal service at the final disposition of cremated remains. No matter what you choose, we can make your cremation service a unique and fitting tribute..

Is a casket required?

No, a casket isn’t required. However, an enclosed, rigid container made of a combustible material is required to allow for the dignified handling of the remains. Just like a traditional casket, the container selected is a personal decision, and can still be personalized to reflect the deceased.

What happens during the cremation process?

During the cremation process, the casket or container is placed in the cremation chamber, where the temperature is raised to approximately 2,000F. After approximately 2 hours, all organic matter is consumed by heat or evaporation. What’s left is bone fragments, known as cremated remains. The cremated remains are then carefully removed from the chamber. Any metal is removed with a magnet. The cremated remains are then processed into fine particles and are placed in the container provided by the crematorium or placed in an urn purchased by the family. The process takes approximately three hours.

What kind of urn should I get?

A simple, temporary container is provided by the crematorium, free of charge. However, you may prefer an urn that is more of a personal reflection. Just like with caskets, urns come in variety of sizes, styles and materials. There are many options varying from elaborate to simple designs. Selecting an urn is a very personal decision, and the most important thing is that it feels right to you.


A popular choice for the placement of an urn is in a niche. A niche is a recessed compartment designed for the permanent placement of urns. They are held in Columbariums, which are free standing structures designed to house many urns. Some are located outdoors in picturesque settings while others are located indoors in either a chapel or a mausoleum, often as a bank of niches along a corridor or a series of special alcoves. A vase may be placed on some closed-front niches for the placement of flowers by those who care to commemorate special occasions.

What if I prefer cremation, but my spouse prefers interment?

This is a common question. One solution is to purchase a grave. This would allow for the interment of a casket or container, as well as an urn containing cremated remains.

Niches serve as dignified and peaceful resting places for loved ones’ cremated remains. Selecting a permanent memorial for a loved one not only satisfies an immediate need, but it also helps preserve family history. A memorial within a columbarium serves as a place for people to reflect and remember, which creates a lasting generational link.

St. James Anglican Cemetery

For those looking for a permanent memorial, we offer space within a columbarium located at St. James Anglican Cemetery in the village of Carp. This space St. James Cemetery is available at a cost of $2,600 and the niche space can accommodate a single or companion urns. The cost of $2,600 includes the purchase of the single/companion niche, the first opening and closing, the 1st engraving session, and the ongoing upkeep of the memorial. Their interior size is 13 inches high, 26 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.

Westboro Chapel

If your family has not yet secured a permanent memorial, we can help care for your loved one’s urn in our temporary safekeeping niches located at our Westboro Chapel. Our indoor columbarium niche wall is located in a secure private room at 403 Richmond Rd in Westboro Village. The niches have glass fronts, which allow meaningful memorabilia to be placed inside along with the urn. A niche within the temporary safekeeping columbarium at Westboro is available for $50 per month plus H.S.T. Family members may visit their loved one’s urn for special occasions, and the columbarium room is available to visit during regular business hours.

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